Religious Education Curriculum

At St Anne’s, the Religious Education is enacted through all areas of learning and school life.

We aim to

  • support and develop the spiritual, social and academic aspect of every child  

  • provide powerful teaching, which develops a capacity to go deeper into learning and faith inquiry

  • integrate our Religious Education Curriculum with our Inquiry and Conceptual Framework, as well as the Victorian Curriculum

  • encourage individuals to look at life with appreciation and gratitude, inquiry and critical thinking, where the Catholic Tradition holds an explicit, preferred and robust place

  • offer interactions that demonstrate, and opportunities that live out, Jesus Christ’s teaching and mission

  • invite students to come to understand, respond and engage in the world in which they live through a Catholic worldview.

St Anne’s implements the Religious Education Curriculum Framework as directed by the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The learning structure of the Religious Education Curriculum has three components:

Three strands of learning Knowledge and Understanding – seeking truth

Reasoning and Responding – making meaning

Personal and Communal Engagement – living story

Five content areas

Jesus and Scripture

Church and Community

God, Religion and Life

Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments

Morality and Justice

Achievement standards in progression points