Supporting Students


We have structures and programs in place that facilitate belonging and promote wellbeing:

  • Promote values – Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support 
  • ‘Pupil of the Week’ awards
  • ‘Terrific Kid’ awards
  • 'Aim High' awards
  • Chill Out (passive indoor play during break times)
  • Friendship Stop
  • Healthy Relationships Policy
  • Extra curricular clubs offered - Chess Club, Homework Club, Computer Club, Coding Club, Gardening Club, Origami Club 
  • Buddy system
  • Student leadership
  • P2P support group for parents


We program and plan interventions that target students identified ‘at risk’.

  • On Psych Services (psychologist works with students at school on various social/emotional issues– Medicare funded).
  • Behaviour Reflection Journals and Behaviour Management plans.
  • Staff in-serviced on asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, Cystic Fibrosis, Autism and general student wellbeing topics.
  • Social Skills programs (P -6) for small groups.
  • Transition Programs – Kinder to Prep, Year 6 to secondary school.
  • Seasons Program for students who are grieving a loss through death, divorce or separation.
  • Assessments and feedback meetings.


After assessments have taken place, students access appropriate care and services.

  • Funding provided for students who meet criteria and receive Integration Aide support.
  • Parent/Program Support Group meetings (PSGs) are held once a term to monitor progress and set future goals.
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Reading Recovery (Yr 1)
  • ERIK program (Early Reading Intervention Knowledge)
  • Literacy support in small groups (P-6)
  • Speech pathology programs
  • Maths Intervention (Yr 2-4)
  • Maths support in small groups
  • Enrichment programs (e.g. Tournament of Minds)